Michelle McLeod

Senior Television Broadcaster

Twitter: @mmcleodwx

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Michelle started her career as a residence counselor before finding her passion for meteorology. Although her intention was to become a researcher, a chance encounter with her mentor introduced her to the world of television.

Tony Laubach

Multimedia Journalist/Weather Reporter

Twitter: @TonyLaubach

Tony Laubach
AccuWeather Meteorologist Tony Laubach, has been chasing severe weather all over the country for decades, having logged over half a million miles and over 300 tornadoes in his storm chasing career. Laubach is a Meteorology graduate from Colorado.

About Michelle

Michelle McLeod is a native of upstate New York and has a degree in meteorology from the State University of New York; however, her career didn't start in meteorology Michelle started her career as a residence counselor at a drug rehab.  She decided to pursue a degree in meteorology while in college for accounting. 

She took a meteorology class and loved it so much that she decided to change course!  She would go on to do internships at places like UC Berkeley's Space Sciences Lab with the intention of becoming a professional researcher ... but you know how the saying goes "you want to make God laugh, show him your plans." She was always told she should be on tv, and while showcasing her research she met her mentor, and life hasn't been the same since! 

When Michelle isn't working, she enjoys music and dance, hitting the gym, hiking, the beach, traveling, and meeting new people.